Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that disrupts healthy breathing and affects adults and children. Patients suffering from sleep apnea stop breathing multiple times each hour while sleeping. The body’s natural response to lack of air is to jolt the sleeper awake and jumpstart their breathing, which results in restlessness and difficulty staying asleep. This disturbance to the natural sleep cycles as well as the repeated drops in oxygen (hypoxia) can result in serious medical conditions which can be life threatening. But if this sleep disorder is a medical condition, why see our dentist? Dr. Chad Wagstaff has the skills and advanced tools to provide effective treatment for the causes of sleep apnea. Zimbi Dental in Eden, Utah, invites you to learn more by browsing below or by contacting our office at 801-745-1100 to learn more during our free weekly educational seminars.

Root Causes of Sleep Apnea Tree Graphic with listing of symptoms of sleep apnea

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