Dr. Chad Wagstaff, dentist at Zimbi Sleep Breathing and Wellness

Zimbi Dental is pleased to present our dentist! At our office, we believe in empowering and transforming lives through better breathing and more rewarding sleep. Our team is happy to inform our patients and help strengthen families and communities through care based on wellness and focused on full-body health. We welcome you to learn more about sleep apnea in Eden, Utah, by attending our free educational seminars, which take place weekly and are an excellent opportunity for patients to ask questions and learn about the history of sleep apnea and its symptoms. We offer refreshments in a comfortable environment where you can feel free to get answers, make connections and be part of our community. You can also schedule a free screening with Dr. Chad Wagstaff at any time to learn more about how we can help you breathe easy, sleep well and live healthy.

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